Working the night watch

Deploying the bongo nets, Dave Checkley looks on.

It is not unusual for oceanographic research cruises to have a watch schedule. This cruise is no exception. We have two watches, noon to midnight and midnight to noon. Yours truly, Cameron Thrash, is on the night watch. It’s a crazy thing to try and adapt to. Yesterday, being the first day, I didn’t sleep much. We started with CTD casts, multi-corer casts, bongo net casts, MOCNESS casts and just went all through the night (more on these later). It was a productive time. I got off watch at noon, took a shower, did some laundry, and promptly slept for several hours. I got up at 9pm for what is now my morning before work! Ben saved me a dinner plate of lamb and prime rib. Breakfast of champions. Now, we’re at it again, working under the stars. There are several good things about working the night watch- you get to have coffee all night long, and the sunrises are gorgeous.

The moon, Venus, and CTD at sunrise. Catalina Island in the background

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